Take Your Dog On A Sniffari

They are so good for our canine companions

A sniffari is an outing in which your dog sniffs whatever she wants and leads you where she wants to go. It’s distinctly different in mindset than taking your dog out for a walk for exercise...

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16th Annual Woofstock Event

February 20, 2019
Woofstock event

WOOFSTOCK – The first premier out-door event in Toronto

WHEN: Saturday, May 25, 10am-6pm, Sunday, May 26, 10am-5pm, 2019

WHERE: Woodbine Park, Toronto

Woofstock event - dog raceWoofstock is the Largest Festival for Dogs in North America...

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Tips to Eliminate Cat Dander in Your Home

Your first question might be ‘what is pet dander and why bother to try and reduce it’? For a person who is sensitive to allergens, it can be a distressing problem. Dander is the name given to tiny particles of skin that your cat sheds...

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Family Soccer Time With Dogs

It’s a universal truth that happy families play together

While out at the local sports fields with my husband and kids, I saw four spectators watching the pick-up soccer game on the field next to us. Three were human children and one was a dog...

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What You Should Know About Hairballs

Hairballs may be unpleasant for both you and your cat, but they are also a common part of a healthy grooming process.

Still, as a responsible cat-parent, it’s really important to know what causes a trichobezoar (or a hairball or furball as they’re more commonly known), as well as how to deal...

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Rainy Day Pet Sitting: Indoor Exercises for Dogs

Getting a petsitter for the day keeps your mind at ease for several reasons. And when it’s raining outside, a pet sitter will ensure your dog gets everything he needs when the weather is bad.

One of the benefits of hiring a pet sitter for day visits is knowing that your dog’s exercise need...

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Dogs Rescued From South Korea

Puppy mill and dog meat farm closed

It has become increasingly unpopular to eat dog meat in South Korea in recent years, which is happy news. Even better, 200 dogs were recently rescued from a facility that sold dogs to restaurants for food...

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Signs and Treatments of the Feline Herpes Virus

Uncontrollable Sneezing? Runny Nose? Your Cat Might Have Feline Herpes

It’s not unusual for concerned cat owners to wonder about the best course of action when they see their cat with watery eyes, runny noses, and uncontrollable sneezing fits...

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Smiling Dog: Rocco


Dog’s name and age: Rocco, 14 years

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Vets Can Do More To Reduce The Suffering Of Flat-Faced Dog Breeds

Photo by Toshi on Unsplash

Veterinarians have a professional and moral obligation to reduce or prevent any negative health impacts of disorders in animals. But what if animals are bred with known disorders? And what if those disorders are a big part of what makes them cute?

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