How To Qualify Your Dog As A Therapy Animal

Dogs have long been known to be man’s best friend, and there’s a good reason for that.
Research has been done on the benefits to people of having sessions with a therapy dog in various settings, including in schools, nursing homes, and hospitals...

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LivanoPET’s Future Vision: Catering America’s Dogs in the Best Way Possible

March 21, 2019
LivanoPET products

Developed in Germany and USA-made, LivanoPET creates health supplements for canines...

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Building a Better Pooper Scooper

Engineering students, doggie day care owner team up to build the better pooper scooper

Daniel Spangler’s A Dog’s Dream, doggie day care and boarding business, found itself in some deep … trouble last year.

An inspector cited the New Bern, N.C...

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How To Prevent Respiratory Infections For Cats

A sick cat is always something to check on especially if it is an infection that could affect a household – more so the ones with multiple pets. The URI or Upper Respiratory Infection is getting more and more common for cats. Also known as the cat flu, this infection can easily spread.


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Saying The Wrong Dog’s Name

One dog is always on the brain

In an exchange about our own dogs, Susan Tasaki—an editor and writer for The Bark—and I periodically used dog names from long deceased pets instead of the names belonging to the dogs currently in our lives...

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Hemp CBD Products: From A Pet Owner’s Perspective

March 22, 2019
Dog with Bailey's CBD

Author: Jay O’Keefe

CEO, Bailey’s CBD



When it comes to giving hemp supplements to your pet, there are a few important things to keep in mind as a guardian.


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Vs. CBD IsolateBailey's CBD tincture

You might see these terms thrown aroun...

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Top Places to Visit in California with Your Dog

With landscape extending from scenic ocean views to mountain panoramas and the exquisite redwood forests, California has an extraordinary range of topography to its name...

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The Otto Harness: Making Traveling with Your Pup Easy and Safe

March 18, 2019
Dog wearing Otto Harness by Petsavvi
@petsavvi on Instagram

Traveling with your dog just got a whole lot safer. Petsavvi created the Otto Dog Harness with dog’s safety in mind. This product also duals as a walking harness, making it a great multi-purpose product for any dog owner...

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This One Thing Could Improve Your Dog’s Lifespan

Are you ignoring important signals from your dog?

Maybe you’ve heard the news about all the pet food recalls recently. But you might not be aware that a high percentage of dogs are suffering from serious health issues—even if their owners don’t know it.

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Blind Man To Run Half Marathon With Guide Dogs

Unusual team to toe the starting line
On a training run

Three guide dogs will lead Thomas Panek in the New York City Half Marathon on March 17, 2019...

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