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Smiling Dog: Maisey

Dog’s name and age: Maisey, 1 year

Nicknames: MayMay, Goosey Neck, Prancy Pants

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Breed Based Food: Royal Canin Nutrition

Every dog is special and has unique qualities and personalities. But when it comes to dog breeds, the dogs from the same breed share the same looks and needs. Therefore, companies like Royal Canin were able to create dog food for each breed that will meet every breed’s needs.

Dogs are spe...

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Step Out in Style With Up Country’s Collars!

June 5, 2019
Up Country Collar

Our pups deserve to be treated once in a while, and not just with food. A comfortable and stylish collar can be hard to find, but thankfully Up Country makes fabulous collars to please both you and your dog...

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3 Ways Your Dog Asks For Help

Are you harming your dog by feeding them the wrong food?
We all love our dogs and many consider them our best friends. Many of us even treat them better than our own family members.
There are 3 dangerous ingredients that no dog should ever eat, and if you are giving them to you...
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How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner to Suck-up Stubborn Pet Hair

Wiggling tails every time you come home and relaxing afternoons with your cat purring on your lap – living with a pet is a wonderful experience. Still, when it comes to cleaning up after them, especially if they shed a lot of hair, things don’t seem so perfect anymore.

Picking up all th...

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Embroidered Border Terrier Tweed Purse

©Ren Ellery / RenandThread

These lovely handmade coin purses are a must have. The unique embroidered dog print makes a perfect gift for Border Terriers owners or even dog lovers in general. Each lovely harris tweed clutch is handmade and cut so no two purses are the same...

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Improving Your Dog’s Mobility with Soft Chews

Aging is a natural process that no creature on Earth is immune to, your dog included. On average, dogs live between 10 and 15 years; but health problems that come with aging may affect them sooner than expected...

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Walking Dogs Makes Us Healthier

Someone had taken great care in spelling out the words “SLOW DOWN” out of sticks and stones gathered from the urban trail my dogs and I were hiking recently...

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3 Types of Cat’s Cancer

Can cats get cancer? Most cat owners get astonished when their veterinarian tells them that their cats have cancer. The truth is cancer is not very common in cats as compared to dogs. But that doesn’t mean cats cannot get cancer.

A study conducted by the Animal Cancer Foundation revealed ...

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Smiling Dog: Gizmo

Dog’s name and age: Gizmo, 7 years

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