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7 Poisonous Flowers For Dogs

Most dog owners are aware that certain foods can be toxic to dogs. Chocolate should never be shared with pups, we all know it. A lesser-known fact is that grapes can actually be fatal to dogs.

The same is valid for plants too...

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Good Vibrations Dog Training

Dog trained to respond to tactile cues from motors inside vest

Auditory cues and visual cues are both useful when training dogs because they each have their advantages...

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Training Tips for Hyper Dogs

Is your dog running around with the tail up and tong out? Does it make you happy or disturbs you? If you believe that hyperactivity is a warning sign, you are correct. It is crucial to learn how to train a hyper dog for every responsible dog owner.

The first signs of hyper dog can be the ev...

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Cool Attractions: Berczy Park Dog Fountain

Courtesy Claude Cormier et Associés
Courtesy Claude Cormier et Associés
Courtesy Claude Cormier et Associés
Courtesy Claude Cormier et Associés

Updating Toronto’s small Berczy Park to meet the needs of its rapidly changing neighborhood gave landscape architect Claude Cormier a perfect opportunity to incorporate a whimsical and appealing water feature: a colorful cast-iron fountain featuring 27 life-size dog sculpture...

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Has Your Dog Lost That “Puppy Pep”?

Discover the #1 Reason Why and What You Can Do to Help

It tends to happen slowly, but then suddenly you’re aware that your furry friend isn’t quite the ball of energy he once was. There’s more sleeping and less playing. More stiffness and fewer enthusiastic walks...

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Science-Based Dog Food: VetriScience

The pet food industry is in a period of change that has been happening over the last twenty years. The foods available for our pets is evolving based on what people want and what science is discovering.

We live in an age where information is right at the touch of a few keys on a laptop; con...

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How to Find Reputable Dog Care During the Busy Travel Season

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

We don’t have to tell you twice that dogs are apart of our family which is why it can be so difficult to leave them behind when we travel...

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Firework Anxiety Solutions for Dogs

Summer brings with it tons of opportunities for you and your dog to spend time together: longer walks, picnics, even just playing fetch in the backyard. It’s also a busier time with vacations and weddings, so making sure you are giving your furry friend enough attention and love is key.


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Authors Carol Novello and Ginny Graves Explore Mutual Rescue and How Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You

July 2, 2019
Carol Novello
photo by Gerry Serrano

In Partnership with the Humane Society Silicon Valley

Authors Carol Novello and Ginny Graves share stories highlighting the impact adopting and rescuing pets can have on humans in their book Mutual Rescue, How Adopting A Homeless Animal Can...

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When Only a Dog Book Will Do: Nine Great Books by Dog Lovers for Dog Lovers!

July 12, 2019
Summer Reading

In Partnership with Kensington Books

By Mary Feliz, author of Cliff Hanger: A Maggie McDonald Mystery

Whether you’re kicking back in the shade with a book and a frosty class of iced tea or waiting out a heat wave by enjoying the A/C, there are times when only a dog ...

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